Vitae Professionals is currently recruiting nurses to work in the Netherlands. A great opportunity, with excellent financial support for those who are starting their professional life in a new country. The Netherlands is known for being a country with a great balance between personal and professional life. 





  • Free Dutch language training (A1-B1) - 3 months;
  • Accommodation and meals provided during the language course;
  • Free Dutch exam;
  • 32/36 hours per week;
  • Salaries during the first year: 36h - 1750 euros net (after tax);
  • Salary after the first year: 36h - 2200€ net (after tax); 
  • Free accommodation for 1 and a half years after starting work;
  • Paid bills during that year and a half (Water, Electricity, Gas and Internet);
  • Every year in May you receive 8% more of your annual salary; 
  • 25 vacation days per year + 7 special days. 




  • Nursing degree in Europe;
  • Good English level;
  • Available for language training.


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