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The chest x-ray is the most frequently requested radiologic examination. The interpretation of a plain film chest x-ray requires the understanding of basic principles.


Main goals are:

  • To list the key review areas to check in a chest X-ray;
  • To identify normal and abnormal appearances;
  • To recognise the effects of positioning when doing a chest x-ray;
  • To identify the key pathologies on a chest x-ray.



  • Key review areas / Normal appearances;
  • Effects of positioning;
  • Appearances of key pathologies.


Evaluation Methodology:

  • Completion of all activities / exercises;
  • Final test (one single attempt with 60 minutes duration).


Course evaluation is based on:

  1. The final classification is expressed on a scale of 0 to 100%.
  2. To successfully complete the training, the trainee must pass the final test with a minimum score of 80% or more and must study at least 50% of the course hours.


Who is the target of this course?

This course was created for radiologists, radiology students or all Healthcare professionals, who want to learn more about this topic.


Your Trainer 

Nick Barlow

Nick Barlow is a Consultant Radiographer in the UK who has specialised in capturing and interpreting plain film x-rays at hospitals and healthcare practices for the past 7 years. He has evaluated over a hundred thousand diagnostic images to date, presented training on traumatic injuries and chest cancers at both local and national events, and is currently undertaking research into areas such as Consultant practice and COVID-19. He delivers lectures on plain film image interpretation all over the world and runs regular courses through his website

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