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Designed and developed by Teresa Pole-Baker, professional with years of experience as an English teacher and examiner in English language tests at entities such as Cambridge and Trinity College.





Perfect for Healthcare professionals who aspire to an international career or all those who want to be able to communicate with patients and colleagues in English, in a professional environment, using the technical terms in a correct and effective way.



1. Taking a patient history

2. Educating patients about their healthcare and pain management

3. Using charts and diagrams

4. Discussing wound management

5. Discussing diabetes management

6. Reading a Pathology Report

7. Checking medication orders for accuracy

8. Explaining drug interactions

9. Telephone skills

10. Attending the ward team meeting


The 60 hours that compound this course are totally synchronous, with a defined schedule.

In order to start this course, a minimum number of 8 participants is required.


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