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This is a 100-hour course which enables you to improve your knowledge and use of English by following a skills-based approach to language learning using a variety of interactive exercises.


This course is divided into two parts: Low Advanced (50 hours) and High Advanced (50 hours)


At the end of Part 1 (low advanced), you will be able to:

·         identify target vocabulary and key information within statements

·         read and understand target vocabulary

·         read and write texts related to unit topics such as health; work; technology

·         speak about topical issues related to the environment; jobs; health problems

·         be confident in setting goals and using dictionaries


At the end of Part 2, you will be able to:

·         read and write texts related to unit topics including business; travel; workplace trends; finance

·         speak about topical issues in a formal presentation

·         be confident in learning vocabulary on topics such as transport; technology; entertainment

·         be confident in reading, listening, writing and speaking English in less familiar contexts

·         make the most of the online activities offered by this course, having developed as a self-directed learner


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